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Graphic Design

Presentation Websites and more ...


You only have to present it …

Usually, web designing means the creation of websites from a structural concept to programming the interface and introducing the data. By web design we understand not only a nice visual alignment of some elements but also the possibility of crafting a design that can distinguish you from your competition and attract more visitors.

All you need is a modern design to your website that puts you into a favorable light, a fast operating website optimized for all searching engines and compatible with all major browsers. If all of the above are meet then your profit is guaranteed.

We provide fast websites, optimized and ready for SEO

We develop our websites using : PHP, Java Script, MySQL, Ajax.

Responsive Design – so that your visitors can navigate easy using mobile phones, tablets as well as PC. Google offers white points if your websites is responsive.

SEO ready – The website will be designed and configured so that a good indexing is given in the search engines – this helps earn a higher ranking in Google search.

Fast – Using tools as PageSpeed GTMetrix to analyze helps us ensure that the website achieves the maximum speed. We use the best technics in order to be sure of this since the early stages of the project.

Security included – The website will be developed on the most recent version of the platform using the latest modules available. We will also apply a large variety of security protocols in order to assure a high security level.


Make yourself known with a special logo

Logo designing is a breeze full of lines and colours

A logo is an essential element in a business because it symbolizes in a unique fashion your company or product.

The logo should be simple and memorable in order to reflect the character of your company in business and in market approach.

Artlog is committed to deliver only logos with highest quality.

Visual identity

We create your online business identity, nice and full of colors

Visual identity is the sum of all visual elements that publicly differentiate the company in relations with others. Logos, business cards, publicity, the website that is involved in projecting the visual identity and the corporative identity are only some of the elements we create.The majority of people respond best to visual communication thus client attraction becomes more powerful.

Personal identity means a front seat in the buyers eyes,and we will express your brand’s personality by facilitating visual reconnaissance thus positively differentiating you from your competition.