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Online Marketing

Increase your sales with our services

We use the most effective online promotion methods

We can help you with this promotion techniques that are necessary, techniques that you don’t want or you don’t know how to use by yourself.

SEO – increases the number of visitors that search on Google or search for similar products to your online shop.

E-mail marketing – helps build a potential clients database, communicating with them trough news-feeds.

Content marketing – combines article writing, guides and other materials oriented to your potential clients in the long run till they decide to use your services.

Social media marketing – helps build a community around the value of your brand and then becomes it’s ambassador influencing and guiding to your products.

AdWords campaigns – text announcements that are shown above the normal results in a Google search. Is a promoting technique that brings clients and sales since the first month.

Facebook Ads – Now-a-days the majority of your clients are using Facebook and because of this Facebook becomes a very good place to promote your business. Online publicity is a technique that grows in popularity.

Remarketing – uses techniques that send you clients that sometime seen your logo or banner.


Pay Per Click is the process of winning traffic by purchasing advertising as a search engine service, where advertisers pay the commercial host only if the posted link is accessed by visitors. Ad links are displayed under “sponsored links” or “sponsored ads” and appear if the site owner decides to place them.

The most popular PPC programs are Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter, where PPC costs vary depending on the search engine, but also by the phrase “word value.” The campaign is displayed in areas that are easily highlighted on the search engines, and when users search for the keywords that appear on the front page.


Our affiliate campaigns consist in the possibility of collaborating with any person, regardless of whether they are physical or legal, these affiliated persons, recommending our services to other people who could become our customers.

Affiliation comes with advantages, ie: strengthens market position, develops customer portfolio, the company can offer its users the ability to create and manage all activities and information, real-time statistics, earn money by recommending products and services, or promoting popular brands, etc. Logiq Design provides maintenance and upgrades, as well as smooth operation where we will track the results and optimize our products.


E-mail marketing is a commercial message to a group of people using email. Each e-mail sent to a potential user or current client can be considered as e-mail marketing. This market uses e-mails to send ads, request sales, update information, and build loyalty and trust.

The success of an e-mail depends on how it approaches the customer, how it convinces him / her to buy the product, and especially how the e-mail looks.

With our help, e-mails will be attractive in terms of text and design, and are delivered in time to subscribers.

Do you want to increase your website traffic, visibility and ROI ?

Do now an improvement on your site! Both physically and technically!

We analyze customer feedback, both positive and negative.

Optimization for search engines in order to improve conversion rate. They propose measures and we implement them.

Integration with other systems: CRM, Marketing Automation, emails (ex MailChimp.) – so contacting from the site automatically comes into contact with the programs you use.

SEO optimization technique. Your site is likely to have issues that prevent proper indexing by Google. We detect and resolve these issues with significant and lasting effects on your site’s position on Google.

Updates to the platform and modules used – to keep you protected from security issues; Day-by-day automatic database cracking programs appear!