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How this platform appeared

The possibility of creating sites with multiple characteristics.

History. This platform was born in 2008 when the Californian Company Varien decided to revolutionize the e-commerce world with a new CMS flexible and scalable that allows the creation of these type of websites with multiple features, thanks to its extensions.


Magento is the perfect solution for your store


WHAT IS IT? Magento is a free and open source dedicated e-commerce platform, is functional and customizable allowing businesses to sell numerous products. In fact, with Magento, you can set up a multi-vendor online marketplace and sell both physical and digital products. Magento is the best solution if your online shop will contain more than 1000 products, if you need to integrate your store with a POS system, and if you want to have heavy traffic for your store from the beginning. It also offers advanced warehouse management, allows you to create product categories, digitize logistics integrate with CRM, ERP but also with major marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.

Magento is the safest e-commerce platform

BENEFIT. Magento includes both the top-quality of customization and functionality support that allows people to incorporate advanced features like one-page checkout, shopping cart, product catalog, and multi-store management. It also includes include many useful advanced e-commerce features, such as product comparisons, product tiers, discounts & coupons and multi-store management. Another strong point in favor of Magento for your e-commerce website is the security because it is known for its robust security and highly-fortified features; you don’t need to worry about insecure code and you won’t need to take risks with extra plugins. It also boasts accounting and administration functions, an autonomy in content uploading, secure payment systems and the ability to translate your site for different countries. For the beginners, Magento is quite complicated than WordPress because there are a lot of challenges in terms of managing multiple product categories, product pages, and checkout process. This is why it’s better to hire a reliable Magento development company that can help you build a successful online store.


Great brands are on the front page!

Would you like to be on the front page where it matters?



Magento development is one of our strengths. Choosing a reliable partner for development is essential for the success of your E-Commerce. If you are looking for a Magento development team, reliable, professional and above all Magento certified, you are in the right place. We have many years of experience in the field and a team of experienced Magento developers ready to guarantee you any custom functionality to best implement your Magento E-Commerce. We guarantee you a high quality product because we want to provide you with a final product without problems that is functional and effective in all its aspects.